Metolius River Fishing Report

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So let’s start there on the Metolius and dive into what you will find going on in the different areas of the river now. The Upper River from Allingham to Gorge is seeing a good afternoon hatch of BWO’s #18 and a few early Cinygmula mayflies (yellow #14-16), quite a few Oct Caddis #8-10 and Silver Stripe Sedges #10-14, some grey caddis (bracycentrus I believe) which are imitated well with a green or grey pupa or soft hackle, midges (black #22-24) and a smattering of various stoneflies that won’t make much difference for consistent productivity on the dry fly side, but stonefly nymphs of varying sizes and shades of gold, brown and black are quite effective on all of our rivers.

The Middle River from Canyon Creek to the Hatchery and below is tough access in the Canyon due to snow and icy trails, but good access to the Idiot Hole, Dolly Hole, Big Eddy, Cedar and Powerline Holes by hoofing it from the Wizard Falls Parking Lot.

All of the same hatches as above are important there and I would certainly feel like this area opens up better for the best Bull Trout action you can find. We’ve been getting fish on Big Streamers, but also on Egg’s, Mops, Perdigons and Stonefly Nymphs.

It snowed a good bit along the Metolius the last 2 days.Over a foot. When I was on the river last week we made it to Bridge 99 without any trouble, but now the road is covered in snow and as you probably know, there is no plowing down past Wizard Falls. Travel at your own risk and with proper equipment past the hatchery. I would not try it myself until we get some melting on the road.


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