The river continues to clear and more and more insects are hatching

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The river continues to clear and more and more insects are hatching to include some early PMDs. The yellow egg Sucker Spawn bite is happening in places. The river is clear enough down to Anderson and looks like it could be worth floating down as far as Balls Ferry. The storm next week will definitely add some color to the river below Clear Creek, but once it clears up it will be game on! This spring will be a barn burner! For now the BP Weiss Nymph, Olive Hotspot, #18 Olive S&M and Lance's Jigged X-May in Hotspot dropped below your favorite Rubberlegs are good bugs. Keep some Peaches 'N Cream ready for a substitution when you see these mayflies on the water. For the days when the Black Caddis are swarming you can fish an Olive Poopah, black Silvey's or a Lower Sac LaFontaine. Any of these bugs swung in the shallow tailouts or riffles can be a lot of fun. We've got just a few days left to fish above the 44 bridge, if you would like to get a day out on the river with one of our guides, give Bryan or Chris a call in Outfitters. (530)222-3555

The Fly Shop does not offer a shuttle service. Kim at Sac River Shuttle can get your shuttle done seven days a week. You can reach her at (530)782-9090

Access To the Lower Sacramento
The Lower Sacramento has many publicly accessible areas with good wading opportunities when the flows are below 7,500 CFS. Stop by the shop and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Fishing Large Rivers Can be Frustrating
There are many great places you can get in and wade this blue ribbon tail water. Having said that, the absolute best method to fish the Sac is from a drift boat. Aside from being able to access all of the water, you can fish the long runs on a dead, perfect drift which is deadly on these legendary wild rainbows. And who would be a better oarsman than one of our Professional Guides? They know every nook and cranny of the river, what insects are and will be hatching, and the setups and methods that will get you onto the fish of a lifetime.

Recommended Equipment & Setups
Most of our fishing, whether from a drift boat, or wading when the releases are low enough, is done dead drifting nymphs. The Fly Shop's Signature Indicator Rod is nine and a half feet of indicator nymph fishing perfection designed by our professional staff right here on the Lower Sac. Teamed up with a 6 or 7 weight Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro Floating Fly Line or a Rio Intouch Xtreme Indicator Fly Line it will put a center pin rig to shame.

Hot Flies: 
Dry Flies:
Mercer's Missing Link, #18 Dark
Mayfly Cripple - Limestone #18
Norman's Loopwing - BWO

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
CB Birds Nest - #14
Mercer's Micro May - #14-16 Brown
Mercer's Poxy Back PMD - #16
Bubbleback Caddis, - Olive #16
Pat's Rubber Legs - #4-8

Micro Spawn - Peachy King, Shrimp Pink
Boles Bazookas - Shrimp Pink, Peachy King

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