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Report: We are definitely in the Callibaetis, Mahogany Dun and Damselfly season on Manzanita. You can fish the deeper waters, but keep your eyes peeled for fish cruising the shallows towards the shore. If you are launching your yak or float tube and you see birds congregating at the ramp eating insects, it is more than likely they are chowing on hatching Damselflies. If you weren't able to book that flats trip to Belize, paint yourself lucky! This is a perfect opportunity to bone up on your flats sight fishing skills with ZT's Damsleech or ZT's Zach Attack on a floating line. For the hatching Mahoganys and Callibaetis, bring some D&D Cripples in size 12, and of course you will want some Adams in #12 - 18. Dark Missing Links in #14 - 18 will cover your bases for an ant or termite fall and the various Caddis that come off. A black Leech fished in the deepest spots will entice Mr. Brown to come visit.

Pay attention to the special regulations here, especially where you can and can't fish. Barbless hooks, artificial lures, catch and release. Make sure you inquire at the park entrance.

Hot Flies: 
Dry Flies:
Harrop's Last Chance - #16-20, Adams - #14-18, Mayfly Cripple - #18, Last Chance Cripple - Callibaetis or Baetis, Mercer's Missing Link - #14-16, Mercer's Parachute Profile Spinner

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Zack's Attack DamselBurk's Sierra DamselBlack A.P. - #14-16, Hogan's S&M - Olive #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midge - Black #18-20, Mercer's Gidgets

Streamers & Leeches:
Beaded Micro Bugger - Black, Zonkers - #4, Beaded Micro Buggers - Any

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