Callibaetis are coming off in most reaches

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We are getting some cool nights and will get some rain tomorrow and Saturday morning. This should get the insects hatching and the fish coming up to eat them. Callibaetis are coming off in most reaches, think size #18 or smaller. The Angler's Curse, Canis Mayflies, are likewise a predominant hatch during the mid morning along with a good Blue Wing Olive hatch most days in the afternoons. The storm and cloudiness should have the BWO hatching in force. Some Caddis likewise are hatching daily. Water Boatmen are good to throw when no hatches are bringing the fish up top. Theo's Boatman or an Amber Bubbleback Caddis work very well when swung and stripped. Otherwise, nymphs like the Sweet Pea, olive and brown S&Ms #16 & 18, Olive Hotspot in #18, and the Red Headed Stepchild and RK Sin City in #18 continue to be super effective. Caddis in the evening will cap your day with some solid topwater action. Keep your plans flexible as the grass die off will make access under the bridges be problematic.

Hot Flies:  TB Drowned Rusty Spinner, PMD's, Norman's Wiggletails, Pheasant Tails, Mercer's Missing Link, Zug Bugs, and Leeches.


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