The Fall River is getting a really fun afternoon hatch of BWO’s

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The Fall River is getting a really fun afternoon hatch of BWO’s #18-20 and you definitely need to have emergers, cripples and adult duns to match that, and be fishing NYLON 6x and 6.5X and 7X if you want to fool more fish.
Nymphing with an Egg, 2 Bit, Micro May, Red Zebra or Black Double Wire Zebra, Perdigon, Jig, Slumpbuster or Soccer Mom has been fantastic.
Also a reminder that the river from the Falls upstream to the Headwaters is open year round, and from the Falls downstream to the Deschutes is closed for Winter access. I’m not sure why ODFW does this? It makes sense on the Met with 100% wild fish. On the Fall, it is incongruent with ODFW’s policies on Brown Trout. I love Browns and would protect them in the entire basin with better reg’s, but ODFW seems like they want them out of the our rivers, including out of the Deschutes. That whole spawning tributary protection being done is strange if they actually don’t want Browns Trout to keep succeeding in the Upper D basin. Also, the whole fish rescue thing at Lava Island (while I 100% support that) is again rescuing a whole bunch of brown trout in the grand scheme of the effort. ODFW is sometimes quite the mystery to me.

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