PG&E has drawn the reservoir down for dam maintenance

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PG&E has drawn the reservoir down for dam maintenance. You can, however, have a great day up near the inlet tossing Wooly Buggers and fish Balance Leeches under an indicator. No recent reports!

Hot Flies: 

Dry Flies:
Harrop's Last Chance - #16-20
Adams - #14-18
Mayfly Cripple - #18
Last Chance Cripple - Callibaetis or Baetis
Mercer's Missing Link - #14-16

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Zack's Attack Damsel
Chan's Chironomid Bomber
Squirmy Wormie - #12
Hogan's S&M - Olive #16-18
Beaded Zebra Midge - Black #18-20
Mercer's Gidgets

Steamers & Leeches:
Beaded Micro Bugger - Black
Zonkers - #4
Zack's Balanced Stillwater Swimming Leech - Any

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