There are still a few fresh Kokanee showing up

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The Metolius has been getting a good to very good afternoon Blue Wing OIive hatch nearly every afternoon between noon and 2:27. Haha, I am kidding on the 2:27 part, but let’s call it 2:30’ish. These BWO’s are ranging mostly in the #18 size, but certainly be prepared with 18’s and 20’s and have nymphs to fish pre-hatch, emergers and cripples and duns for the hatch and keep an eye out for spinners later in the day too, so add a #18 rusty spinner to the fly list and tuck 2 or 3 in the box.
We are still seeing the Cinygmula’s which are yellow size 16, but like the BWO’s it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an 18 in the box too. I like a Sparkle Dun and the Thread Body Parachutes, and a Soft Hackled emerger to match these.
There have been 2 important Caddis hatches to note, Tan Caddis in the #14-16 range, and October Caddis in a #8. Pupa patterns fished as nymphs will be key to your success, but Dry Flies are good to try and make for an excellent searching pattern.
There are still a few fresh Kokanee showing up, and of course several spawned out dudes and dudette’s that are essentiality Zombie Fish of the Met. Soooooo, that means Egg’s. Really, Eggs are good all the time in the Metolius (maybe not so much in July and August) and especially good this time of year after 1000’s of kokanee have spawned.
Nymphing is hot. You can catch fish every day on the Metolius with nymphs. Besides the Egg’s and Caddis Pupa and BWO olive nymphs, definitely add some Micro Mayflies and 2 Bit Hookers to your box, and a mix of Perdigons, Walts Worms, Zebra Midges, Golden and Black Stonefly Nymphs and Blue Prince’s. BTW, did you know that Blue Flies are something the fish can see from farther away in Winter Light? Check out this quote:  “blue flies, and even purple flies, work really well for trout. An electric blue Psycho Prince is a killer pattern when the fish are finicky. A blue Latex Midge can be absolutely astounding in low, clear winter water, when trout are most lethargic. Even blue San Juan worms are the rage among some guides I know”.
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Bull Trout fishing has remained fair to good, but nowhere near what it was 6 to 8 weeks ago as that frenzy has expectedly slowed down.
Don’t forget that the Metolius from the Headwaters down through Camp Sherman and to Allingham Bridge is closed until May 22, 2024 to protect spawning fish. Please keep regulations in mind as you plan your trip.


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