The river swelled up to 2,000 CFS with the last storm

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The river swelled up to 2,000 CFS with the last storm and is looking to be pretty dirty for now. If you get above Simms you should be good to go. For those who like to swing, now would be a good time to get out the micro-Spey and give it a shot as there large Rainbows heading up from the lake. When it clears up, lower in the system you can probably get some fish to eat a shad pattern, but we are entering the Sculpin time of year. Barr's Slumpbuster in olive and black are two good options, a Dalai Lama in olive & white or The Mob in olive are other good patterns. Up top above Simms the small black flies, #18-20 black Zebra Midges, the BP Weiss nymphs, Jigged X-Mays and any Perdigon you have in your box will work well. Blue Wing Olives and midges will be good nymphs to try in the mornings, olive and black X-Mays and S&Ms along with the BP Weiss Nymph and Olive Hotspots.

Upper Sacramento Flows at Delta

Hot Flies: 

Dry Flies:
Sedgeback October Caddis - #10
Low Water Baetis - #18
Adams - #12-20
Mercer's Missing Link - Dark #14-16
Parachute Adams - #14-18

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Mercer's Tungsten October Pupa
Skip's TB October Caddis
CB Birds Nest - #10-14
Red Copper John - #16-18
Zebra Midge - #18-20
Mercury Black Beauty
Mercer's Glass Bead Micro May - #22
Mercer's GB Dark Stone - #8
Mercer's Dark Stone - #6
Pat's Rubber Legs - Brown #6-8
Jigged Birds Nest - #14-16
Gordon's Amber Wing Prince - #12-18
Mercer's CB Micro Mayfly - #16-18
Walt's Worm
Streamers & Leeches:
Sheila Sculpin
Woolly Buggers
Zack's Stillwater Swimming Leech - #8

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