The Little Truckee has re-opened to 4x4 vehicles with moderate clearance

Trout Creek Outfitters

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The Little Truckee has re-opened to 4x4 vehicles with moderate clearance. There will still be patches of snow and ice on the road and anyone traveling out here should do so with caution. This road is not maintained in the winter and beyond the patches of ice and snow, keep a close eye out for fallen rocks in the road. With that said, we advise anglers to continue to give this heavily pressured fishery a break, as these trout have had a long summer of being fished to, and it would benefit the health of the fishery to fish elsewhere during this time. We can count the number of waters within a few hours drive currently fishing well with both hands. With hundreds of river miles at our disposal, take into consideration the angling pressure put on this short stretch of water and consider trying something different.

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