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Reports on the lower end of the river by Britton have us warming up our Salmonfly presentation. Definitely bring your Rubberleg game to this section. As the days are heating up, every storm will bring the Green Drakes out to play. Callibaetis will be found in the slower sections between the Powerhouse 2 Riffle and the 299 bridge. PMDs continue to come off intermittently. Spring is happening, we have a storm over the next few days. Bring your Hackle Stackers, Griffith's Gnats, and a stealthy approach. The PMD Challenged in #14, Milla Time May PMD #16, Sparkle Stacker PMD #18, and the Mayfly Cripple Limeston #16 are good dries during a hatch. Nymph-wise, the BP Weiss nymph, X-Mays in #18, or Sweet Peas are great to have along with some Peaches n' Green. And please remember to respect other anglers and the spawning Rainbows.

Hot Flies: 
Lance's Jigged X-May
Sweet Pea Jigged Baetis
Pheasant Tails
Mercer's Missing Link
S&M Nymph
Walt's Worm
Peaches n' Green
• BP Weiss Nymph


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