The river has really come into shape this week

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Rafting; wet wading; streamers; dry fly fishing; it all seemed to start up this week. The conditions on the main river are currently the best we’ve seen thus far this 2024 season. The flows continue to taper off, while the river is beginning to clear, and the fish are on the chew. We are seeing some excellent quality fish right now, decent numbers and only a few other anglers on the water. Enjoy it while it lasts, this will begin to change as we head into June. We hope to see you up here in the coming weeks!

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Miles got a nice one this week. Good to see da boss getting out on the water.

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Distinctive and Bold

The river has really come into shape this week. The flows on the upper river continue to drop and as of today the Glenshire area is around 650 CFS. The canyon remains quite a bit higher mostly due to the releases out of Boca, but even at 1,200-1,400 CFS it is fishing really well!

The fish have made a move into the faster water, and you can find them holding in the tops of runs. When fish sit in this water type, using streamers or crawdads can be an effective way to move some of the big fish. When using streamers, make sure to make every cast count and cover water. Remember, your first cast will be your best shot at the largest trout in the run. As the water clears up a bit, we have been doing better on smaller and more natural streamers, with less flash, but still a good amount of weight.

On the other end of the spectrum, the dry fly bite has begun on the river this week, as the PMD’s really begin to show mid-day. As per usual, the Truckee is not known as a dry fly river, but with a good bit of luck, you can have some shots at some great fish on top right now using PMD’s, carpenter ants, caddis, or possibly green drakes. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for risers, and if they show with any consistency, change over to a dry and give it a go. Look for rising fish in tail outs at dusk.

Euro nymphing will be the best way to present nymphs right now as we begin to work the faster water, and using nymphs imitating stoneflies, crawdads, PMD’s, green drakes, caddis or march browns should all work. The fishing remains great all day, and we’ve been having great luck through the afternoons, with little pause in the action mid-day. The water temperatures are ideal right now, so you can expect active fish from sun up to sun down. 



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