The Truckee has been good but be mindful of the flows

Mike Curtis

Report Date:

The Truckee is coming out of Lake Tahoe at 68 CFS. There is so much water in all of the other creeks that there is no need to take it from the Lake right now. The river is fishable between Tahoe City and the confluence of Prosser Creek. It gets higher as you go downstream but it does not get out of control until Boca Bridge. Some of the locals and guides are doing pretty well as of late in the upper stretches. The water is pretty clear all the way to Reno but it is still really running hard and can be dangerous to wade below Boca Bridge.

There is still plenty of snow in the mountains and we should see higher flows for a while. Especially if we ever get some warmer temperatures. Here are the current flows as of June 1st. (Safe fishable flows in parenthesis). Town of Truckee 323 CFS (100-350) Boca Bridge 1620 CFS (anything below 650) Farad 1770 CFS (400-600) Mogul 1570 CFS (300-500) Reno 1650 CFS (350-500).


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