The long-awaited "McGee Miracle" has begun . . .

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

. . . as in 12 fish over 18" today 8am to noon for me and similar for all boats within 250 feet in both directions up and down the old stream channel.

Big Brown/Bow/Cuts all showed up in numbers and almost no little fish save a few of the 13-14" Browns planted by DFG recently.

I even got an estimated 25lb Pelican using a 23" Rainbow for bait that made the mistake of jumping right next to the Pelican. After I broke him off he swallowed it in one gulp like it was a pill. The fish was still hot so I imagine the Pelican has a sore stomach tonight.

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Fishing Conditions on the Upper Owens are Ideal Right Now
Owens River

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: Good, as of 7/28 flows are at 90cfs above the Hot Creek confluence. Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good, try a hopper dropper rig for best results now. Plus, they're easy to see! Recommended Flies: DRIES: Parachute Adams #20, Sloan Outrigger Caddis #16, Goddard Caddis #16, Elk Hair Caddis Tan #16, Grasshoppers, Chernobyl Ants NYMPHS: Prince Nymph #16, Copper John #16, Pheasant Tail #16, San Juan Worm Red, Tungsten Zebra Midge #16, STREAMERS: Black Wooly Bugger #10, Hornberg #12......

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