Hoppers work all day at Hot Creek this time of year

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:


Water Conditions:
Great the flows are at 43 cfs as of 9/1

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
Good stick to Baetis in the morning, Caddis in the afternoons with hoppers working all day. Late summer at Hot Creek! Not much is changing from week to week this time of year.

Recommended Flies:

Parachute Caddis Grey #18, CDC Caddis Emerger #18, Brook's Hot Creek Caddis #20, Goddard Caddis #18, #18 Elk Hair Caddis Tan CDC Emerger Baetis, EC Caddis, RS2 Emerger #20 Grey, Tan Grasshoppers, Small Chernobyl Ants, Taylor's Fat Albert #14

Olive WD40 #22, Yankee Buzzer #22, Micracle Nymph #22, Nori's Caddis Pupa Olive #20, Micromayfly Brown #20, #20 Gould's Drowned Spinner, Furimsky's Epoxy Midge #22

#12 Bead Head Doc's Twin Lake Special Black/Brown/Olive


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