Fall Is the time to fish the Truckee

Truckee River Outfitters

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Fall is creeping in fast. With it come cooler days and nights. The hatches get going again and the fishing gets really good. Kids are back in school, the rafters go away and the fishermen get to take the river back over. The water conditions remain in fantastic shape and the fly fishing on the Truckee should remain good for months to come.

Some of our spring hatches have lasted all summer. The Caddis and Little Yellow Stones can still be seen in the evenings but it is starting to really slow down. The Crayfish thing is really late and is just getting started. The fall bugs such as Baetis and October Caddis should start soon. Nymphing with a Crayfish pattern and a smaller dropper like a Caddis, Little Yellow Stone or a Baetis is a good way go. The Brown Trout should start to get active in the next week or so and this would be a great time to start tossing big streamers around as well.

The River has seen a lot of pressure over the past month or so. Tubers, Bait fishermen and an increased amount of California license plates to boot. The fishing has been tough over the past couple of weeks but hopefully with fall coming in fast we might start seeing less pressure. There are a tremendous amount of huge Golden Stone husks on boulders lining the river around Reno and Nymphing with a Golden Stone Nymph and a size 14-16 dropper like a Pheasant Tail or a Bird's Nest is a good way to go. There is plenty of water for streamers and the Brown's should come out to play soon.

Flows on the Truckee
Truckee 260 CFS
Boca Bridge 552 CFS
Farad 619 CFS
Mogul 455 CFS
Reno 490 CFS


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