The fish at Crowley Lake are moving around. Here are some suggestions on where to look

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions:
Fair to Good the algae getting worse in McGee Bay and south end of lake. Comes and goes with wind in north arm. Still clear most of the time. It will be a race between algae growing and water temps falling to see if we even have a second bloom this year.

Crowley is essentially as full as it gets, only down about 6" from peak. Massive weed beds every where will come to the surface when and if they start dropping the lake level.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
Whether the cause is the stringy algae or the change in water temps, the big fish have pretty much exited McGee bay and are now well established in the north end after a week of migration. 'Still some nice Browns in the weeds chasing fry if you are into stripping. Very large concentrations of smaller fish up to 16" between the shore and the weed line all along Green Banks from Green Banks Bay all the way up to the weather pole. Also along the old stream channel on the east side of the lake in deeper water, 16 ft plus.

The big fish are for the most part in deeper water like 16-19 feet along the old stream channel on the west side of the lake which is devoid of weeds. Owens mouth has a ton of Calibaetis but nothing in the way of fish up in the flooded desert. Lots of "Planters Peanuts" for non-stop action for the kids in Hilton, Whiskey and last 100 yds in Croooked. Don't forget, you cannot fish in the stream section along the highway in Crooked, sayeth DFG.

Recommended Flies:

#16 Black Optimidge w/green flashback
Mickey's Shaft Emerger - big
Ultimate Damsel
Jansens Calbaetis
Larvae patterns early

Extended body BWO's but not too many fish sipping on the surface. It may never happen this summer as flooded desert by mouth just isn't producing hatches.

Stillwater Hares
Perfection Perch
Punk Perch
Ultimate Damsel

Guides Hint:
Strip or midge along well-defined weed lines for big fish cruising along the wall looking for errant fry.


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