Stripping is working well for Fly Fishermen at Crowley but the fish are moving around

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions:
There is some nasty, stringy Algae all over the lake moving daily and throughout the day. Comes and goes with wind in north arm. Still clear most of the time there or by the mouth. Lake has finally started to drop and is down about 4 feet from high water point. Massive weed beds every where are starting to show.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
Fair to Good. Not much going on in McGee as fish are very spread out. Some fish showing in Hilton Bay, Sandy and half way between the McGee Parking lot and Sandy Point out deep. Best fishing seems to be in the north arm if you can dodge the algae movements. The big fish are for the most part in deeper water like 16-19 feet along the old stream channel. Not a lot of grabs but most fish are in the 19-22" range if you are "there" when the indicator goes down.

The guys stripping are doing fairly well but not everyone. I suspect the guys with Type 4 and heavier are getting down and those who are not are the ones just kicking around all day. The big fish are in the channel between the weed lines so why fish up by Bart's Bluff along the shore???

Recommended Flies:


#16 Black Optimidge w/green flashback, red/black Optimidge, Mickey's Red Baron early.

Extended body BWO's but not too many fish sipping on the surface. It may never happen this summer as flooded desert by mouth just isn't producing hatches.

Stillwater Hares, Perfection Perch, Punk Perch, Hornbergs, purple leeches.

Guides Hint:
Don't forget marabou leach patterns this time of year stripping and under the indicator.


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