The Steelhead are in the Trinity River, some anglers are doing well!

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Current River Conditions:
River flows are scheduled to decrease on October 15th to 300 CFS. Steelhead are in! However, some anglers are doing well and some are not. The Trinity will have a great season this year! For flies, it seems like everyone is doing well on something different each day. A good selection would be: #12 Pheasant Tail Nymphs, #12-16 Red Copper Johns, various October Caddis nymphs, #8 Solitude Stone, various egg patterns. The Trinity is a very popular river at this time of year. Expect to see lot's of anglers!

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The Fly Shop's  Tips:
Bring fresh, new tippet. 1X and 2X. Leaders should be tapered to 0x if you want to land a super hot Trinity Steelhead. Search the tail-outs and the very upper edges of the riffles and glides. Bring a Intermediate, Slow and Medium VersiLeader in 7' lengths for swinging to steelhead. Suspending nymphs of all kinds under an indicator is a very popular and effective approach to presenting a fly or two.

River Fact:
Sad to say, but Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia's father drowned in the Trinity River. While on vacation with his family near Arcata in Northern California in 1947, his father went fly-fishing in the Trinity River. Upon entering he slipped on a rock, plummeting into the deep rapids of the river. By the time he was pulled from the water, he had already drowned.



• SO Skater
• Ska-Opper Natural
• Blair Mouse Project
• Fire Butt Bomber
• Mercer's Lemming
• Pompodoro Skater-Oct Caddis

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• Micro Mayfly Black 14-16
• Red Copper John #12-14
• Blue Copper John #12-14
• GB Poxy Back Hares Ear #12-14
• Mercer's Oct Pupa
• Fox's Oct Pewpah
• GB Half Flash Back P.T. #12-16
• Pellet Fly
• TB Solitude Stone #8-12
• Copper Zebra John #14-18
• Pat's Rubber Leg Brown #6-8

• Beaded Crystal Bugger Silver
• Muddler Minnow #4-10
• Clouser Olive/White
• Zack's Zugger Grey/White

• Boles Bazookas
• Micro Spawn Eggs
• Clown Egg #4-10

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