Hook Up on the McCloud River have been toough for Fly Fishermen

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Current River Conditions:
Fishing on the McCloud has been fair, but the McCloud experience has been great! The rainbows are there, it's just that anglers are having to work hard for the hook ups. No big deal! Seems like the best fishing happens between the late morning and sunset. Bring a mixture of flies from small midge patterns to Stonefly Nymphs and October Caddis dry flies and nymphs. When you stop in, ask John Dietz about his Sculpin pattern. A few really big rainbows have been caught over the past week!

Upper McCloud River flows

McCloud River at Ah-Di-Na

Lower McCloud flows near Bollibokka

For an update on the fight to preserve the McCloud River's flows, check out this recent announcement from the Anglers for Hydropower Reform (formerly McCloud RiverKeepers): Send an email to Dennis Amato (dennis@dennisamato.com)

The Fly Shop's  Tips:
Wading boots with studs and a wading staff are a must on the McCloud, which is full of irregularly shaped rocks that can be very slick. The best results are produced by anglers who move from run to run. The more water you can cover, the more fish have a chance to see your fly, ultimately improving upon your existing good fortune of being out on the river, fishing! Be on the look-out for rattle snakes. Use a technique called High-stick-nymphing in the pocket water and deeper chutes. Re-fish all your way back to camp or the car throwing streamers into pocket water, next to downed trees/logs.

The Fight is on to Protect McCloud River Flows!!! Whitewater boating interests are also trying to hijack McCloud River flows for boating at the expense of angling opportunity. For more information, check out www.mccloudriverkeepers.org before it's too late!

River Fact:
The McCloud River rainbows (Salmo Shasta) may be the most famous strain of trout on the planet Earth. At the turn of the 19th century, these were the fish used to first stock most of New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and other potential trout fisheries all across the western hemisphere. So, that means we could trace Madison river (a river in Montana) rainbows back to the McCloud River!



• Mercer's Missing Link #14-18
• E/C Caddis Olive #14-16
• Mercer's Skating October Caddis
• October Irresistible Caddis
• Goddard Caddis #8
• Morrish's October Caddis
• Parachute Adams #12-18
• Yellow Humpy #14-16
• Orange Stimulator #6

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• TB Pseudo Mays #18
• Micro Mayflies #14-16
• Burk's HBI #16-18
• Pat's Brown Rubber Leg #6-8
• Mercers October Pupa
• Zack's October Zaddis
• October Fox Pewpah
• Mercer's Golden Stones #8-14
• GB Half Flashback PT #14-18
• GB Poxyback Hares Ear #14-16
• Cinnamon Poopah #12-14
• BB Olive Bird's Nest #14-16
• Shafer's 3-D Black #8-10
• GB Birds Nest #12-16

• Dietz Sculpin Natural
• Beaded Micro Bugger Olive
• Beaded Micro Bugger Black
• Double Bunny

• Micro Spawn Oregon Cheese

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