Current Steelhead Reports from the Klamath River indicate the Fly Fishing can be Great to Fair

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Report Date:

Current River Conditions:
The steelhead fishing is improving as it should at this time of year. Egg patterns in pink, sockeye and steelhead orange are good choices. Look for spawning salmon and fish the riffles downstream of the redd. Anglers are reporting a mixture of rainbows and adult steelhead. Reports are anywhere from fair to great. Lots of King Salmon spawning in the tail-outs of the pools. Spawning Salmon means egg eating steelhead! Check this report again in the next week. We think it's going to be a very good steelhead season on the Klamath!!

Road Conditions:
No traffic restriction reported for this area.

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The Fly Shop's  Tips:
In the fall and winter months, fishing various egg patterns, like clown eggs, shrimp pink micro spawns and Pat's Rubber Legs under indicators, in slow water, will usually conjure up 3-5 lb. steelhead. In May and June, fishing large salmon fly dries along the banks, next to boulders and in shallow tail outs will produce those carnivores fish this river is famous for. I would not want to be a salmon fly on this river! Use 9' leaders, tapered to 2x. Attach your salmon fly dry. Cast! To step it up, suspend a prince nymph, red copper john or egg pattern under your dry. Enjoy! Look at the list to the right, the Rogue Foam Stone/Salmon Fly and Anes Salmon Fly Adult are great choices that imitate pteronarcys californica, or the Salmon Fly! The half pounders (juvenile steelhead) and an increasing number of adult steelhead make the Klamath a popular fly fishing destination during the months of October-November.

River Fact:
The Klamath river is 263 miles long, originating in a broad valley at the eastern slope of the southern High Cascades, the water source is Upper Klamath Lake. Sometimes called "the upside down river", the upper Klamath in Oregon is largely developed, but the lower Klamath is still wild, forested and ruggedly beautiful. Next to the Klamath, the only river that originates in a desert and flows into the coastal forests of the pacific west is the Pit River.



• (Wait for spring!)

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• Amber Wing Prince #12-14
• Red Copper Johns #14-18
• 3-D Nymphs #8-10
• Mercer's PB Biot Stone #8-14
• CB Black Birds Nest #14-16
• Sparkle Pupa
• S.A.L.T. Stone #6
• Rubberlegs #4-8
• Sexy Souka #6
• Zack's Thurmanator Stone
• BH Prince Nymphs #14-16

• Clown Egg #4-10
• Shrimp Pink Micro Spawn
• Boles Bazookas (All)


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