Use Small Black Midge Nymphs on Lewiston Lake

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Current Lake Conditions:
Think small black midge nymphs! Sparse hatches of Blue Wing Olives can produce a few rainbows eating off the surface. Known for big rainbows, Lewiston Lake can fish great one day and slow the next. Anglers stripping black leeches and suspending midge nymphs under indicators have been doing best! Great place to go fishing while visiting the Trinity River.

The Trinity River Fish Hatchery is located at the foot of Lewiston Dam. A visit here is very educational and the numbers of steelhead and salmon climbing the steps into the hatchery is really impressive.

The Fly Shop's  Tips:
You can't go too small. Can you? When using indicators, the takes can be difficult to see and detect, and then the takes can be electric. Successful indicator anglers keep the flies in the water, all the way to the backing, then low and slow retrieve. Sink tip fly lines allow anglers to retrieve leeches, buggers and small nymphs fast or slow. This lake is best fished from a motorized boat, pram or pontoon boat. Float tubes are fine if you are okay with walking back up to the parking lot after the slow current of Lewiston pushes you to the southern end of the lake.



• Hackle Stacker BWO #18
• Parachute Adams #14-18

• Frostbite #18
• Serendipity #20
• Chromies #18-20
• Mercer's Micro May Black #18
• Sparkle Scuds #14-16
• Hunchback Scuds #16
• Zebra Midges (Any) #18-20
• Mercer's Gidget

• Zack's Swimming Leech
• Zack's Damseleech Orng/Olive

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