If you are Fly Fishing at hot Creek, go small....

Tom Loe

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It has been good for those who like fishing the tiny Trico mayfly hatch. Not everyone's cup o' tea as these little critters are #20-24 and are difficult to see and keep drag off during a drift. Nymphing with micro mayflies and small midges have also been good in the deeper channels and pools. Attractors like SJ worms and eggs also get their share for the staged up fish.

When flows are at winter time rates it can be tough to get extended accurate drifts over and around the protruding weed beds. If we get some warmer weather flows come up some on Mammoth Creek and this makes conditions better. Hot Creek is not well known for its streamer fishing but I assure you it can be excellent in the right piece of water especially this time of year. Don't show up with a type 5 or heavy sink tip and expect to get anything but the bottom. Have a slime line, or midge tip and you can do pretty good particularly if the water gets off color and comes up some.

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