The fishing at Keswick can be outstanding, however, few people know ablout it!

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Current Reservoir Conditions:
It's a long way from the boat ramp at Keswick to where the rainbows can be found in huge numbers! This is such a sleeper of a fishery! For those who know, the fishing can be outstanding. Anglers fishing Clouser minnows on type 7 full sink lines have been doing well. The rainbows in Keswick average 16". Fish over 20" are common. Huge brown trout can be found in the slower, slack water, below Shasta Dam.

The Fly Shop's  Tips:
A motorized boat is a must for gaining access to the part of this reservoir that holds concentrated numbers of rainbow trout. Look for slow water, near boulders. Swing, suspend, strip nymphs, leeches. Dry fly fishing happens late in the summer, near sunset.

About Keswick Reservoir:
Keswick Reservoir is a "stabilization area" below Shasta Dam. The upper part of this reservoir flows like a river. The lower section before it empties into what we know as the Lower Sacramento River is smooth, slow water. Rainbow and brown trout hold in the upper section and bass can be found in the lower section.

Still Water Fact:
Iron Mountain Mine is located just to the west of Keswick Reservoir. The site was mined for copper, zinc, iron, silver, gold, pyrite from the 1860s to 1963. Today, the mine is a source of extremely acidic drainage that runs into several creeks, all leading to Spring Creek Reservoir, which drains into Keswick Reservoir, a major source of drinking water for Redding, CA. The drainage water from Iron Mountain Mine is classified as the most acidic water naturally found on earth. One of America's most toxic waste sites, it has been listed as a federal Superfund site since 1983. Thankfully, a water treatment plant is in place, and any releases from Spring Creek Reservoir are easily diluted.



• Elk Hair Caddis Tan #10-16
• Yellow Stimulator #14-16

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• Pseudo May #16-18
• GB San Juan Worm
• Glo Bubble Caddis
• Chironomid Bomber (Any)
• Marlee Midge
• Brown Micro Mayfly #16
• Pat's Brown Rubber Legs #6-8
• Fox's Cinnamon Poopah #12-14
• Brown Micro Mayfly #16
• CB Birds Nest #10-14

• Clouser Minnow
• Double Bunny
• Zonker Natural
• Halebopp Leech Olive/Dark Olive

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