Fishing is very good in the Mammoth Lakes area

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: Water is still clear. Cooling now with overnight lows in the upper 30's. These lakes are lower than they've been in a long time.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fishing is great now at all times of the day. Look for fish at inlets and outlets feeding actively!

Recommended Flies:

Griffith's Gnat #20-22, Parachute Adams #20, Brook's Sprout Midge #20-22, Royal Wulff #14-16, Flying Ants

Nymphs: Copper John #16-18, Black Zebra Midge #20-22, Olive Bird's Nest #18, Hare's Ear #16-18, Pheasant Tail #18, Callibaetis Nymphs

Streamers: Olive Matuka, Doc's Twin Lakes Special Black or Olive #10-12, Pop's Bugger Olive, Rickard's Seal Bugger, Beldar Bugger Black, Crystal Bugger Black/Olive, Olive Matuka.

Guides Hint: Trail your streamers with a nymph, like a Bird's Nest, Hare's Ear, or a Pheasant Tail.

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