The fishing conditions on the Little Truckee are tough but there are new fish in the river

Truckee River Outfitters

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Flows have been 47 CFS for a few weeks now. These flows are actually a little higher than the long term average for this time of year. Even though 47 CFS is really low it has helped the Kokanee and Brown Trout move upstream some. The bad news is it could drop to 30 CFS any time. There has been a pretty good Baetis hatch, especially on cloudy days like today. The conditions are tough for sure but there are some new fish in the river.

A few really important things to remember about fishing the Little Truckee this time of year are, be very stealthy and take a slower approach. Do a lot more observing and a lot less casting. 10 casts will catch more fish than 100 casts in lower water. (This is a good lesson for any small stream) Stay out of the water as much as possible. Brown Trout are staging to spawn and the future of the fishery depends on them being successful. Wading through the "Reds" can really take its toll on the habitat. The Little Truckee is a special place and we should do everything we can to preserve it.


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