Fall River is fishing great one day, then fair the next

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Current River Conditions: There are more than enough rainbows in this stream, allowing all anglers AM dry fly fishing and nymphing under indictors or on the swing or strip during the afternoon. Fall is a great option! Bring your favorite 5wt fly rod, a 5x tapered leader and a spool or two of 6x and 7x.

The Fly Shop's  Tips: Swinging #16 Pheasant Tail nymphs trailing #18-20 black Zebra midges or WD-40s is a basic fly rig and a perfect combo to start with any day on Fall River.

Fish the "swing" with fast sinking Poly Leaders. Sometimes, Normans Wiggle Tail PT swung on a long 40' swing will get you hooked up! Don't forget to fish olive and/or black leeches.

The "Fall River Twitch" has been a popular and effective technique on Fall River for decades. How to: Anchor your pram upstream of rising fish. Cast downstream and across, then feed line out to extend your drift a long ways downstream. The "Fall River Twitch" results in a presentation that lets the fish see your fly first, while you are positions upstream and out of the fished field of view. The Fall River Twitch is equally effective whether fishing dries, swinging nymphs or indicator nymphing. If you're casting to a pod of rising trout, work from the outside in and you can often pick them off one by one. 5-6 wt rods are what we recommend for Fall River, with some anglers using 6wt. rods for casting heavier sinking lines. The Fly Shop  recommended fly lines; RIO Gold floating line and an extra spool loaded with RIO CamoLux.

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• Twilight X Spinners - PMD/Rusty
• Cutter's E/C Caddis #16 olive~tan
• CDC Rusty Biot Spinner - Callibaetis
• Last Chance Baetis #20
• Tilt Wing Dun PMD #18
• Last Chance Cripple PMD #18
• Mayfly Cripple Limestone #18
• Mercer's Missing Link
• Norman's Loop Wing BWO #18
• Parachute Adams #16-20

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• Pseudo May's Brown #16-18
• Hogan's S&M #16 Olive
• Drifting Flashback PT #14-16
• Black Zebra Midge #16-20
• Red Copper John #18
• Zug Bug #14-16
• PT Nymph #14-20
• TB PT Nymph #18
• Norman's Wiggle Tail PT #16-18
• Mercer's Micro May Fly Brown #16

• Zack's Damsel Leech Olive
• J. Fair's Translucent Wiggle Tails Olive
• Zack's Swimming Leech Olive
• Zack's Swimming Leech Black

Fly Fishing Gear:
• Fish Counter cause you're gonna slay'em!
• Buff  High UV Angler Series Headwear
• Simms  Solar Sombrero
• Oakley GASCAN Polarized Sunglasses
• Cliff's  Super Days Worth Fly Box
• Vintage Red Trucker Hat

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