The conditions on the Lower Owens are just about perfect right now

Tom Loe

Report Date:

Near perfect conditions here right now. Fall is my favorite time to drift the LO with great fishing, beautiful weather, and gorgeous scenery. The wild trout section has been fishing great with nymphing and dry fly fishing consistently getting those wading this area grabs. Use PT's and bird's nest #16-20, broken back zebras or tigers #16-18. Adult PMD's, Trico's and BWO's will get looks #14-22. The only Debbie Downer this time of year can be a "willow leaf hatch" that may emerge when the wind blows the dead leaves into the water. The bombardment of all the debris can put the Kibosh on a good bite. Keep this in mind if there is wind in the forecast, we have another couple weeks of this until the brambles have shed their foliage. The "dip & strip" streamer CATCHING from our drift boats has been really good most floats-we had a day or two of so-so fishing due to a small flow increase from 150-200 cfs. Punk Perch, seal buggers, & Loebergs used with a moderate to heavy sinking tip line are good choices.

Main Photo Above:Greg Roznoski with a nice "dip & strip" bow he fooled on the Lower Owens
Photo #1:Mike Amatisto whacked a bunch of rainbows like this on a recent drift
Photo #2:Matt Figel with one of his many chunky rainbows he caught on a #14 punk perch
Photo #3:Mikey and Brad Jenkins showing how its done on the Lower Owens
Photo #4:Ron Guidone is a long time Drifter and put the wood to a bunch of trout on a recent drift
Photo #5:Robert Barry dip and stripped his way to 20 fish solo for his first float trip down the Owens "Tom, It's Robert Barry. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip on the river. I learned a lot, including some significant humility. I will definitely use your guiding service again, perhaps not too far down the road. Thank you especially for the instruction and patience as I certainly lost nearly 20 fish with my novice technique."
Photo #6:Pat Ocallaghan bendo on his first float down the Owens
Photo #7:Timmy Shannon pulling on one caught with a #12 punk perch
Photo #8:Its been so nice down in the OV recently the deer are swimming! We see diverse wildlife from the drift boats this time of year


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