Anglers are finding rainbows in numbers at Baum Lake

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Current Lake Conditions:
Good reports keep coming out of Baum Lake this week. With improved road conditions thanks to drier weather, Baum is a perfectly good choice this coming week. It doesn't hurt the weather will offer some sunlight. Maybe a BWO hatch will happen while you are fishing and you will have a fantastic dry fly tale to share! It happens at this time of year!

Anglers have been doing well on small flies like Mercer's Gidget, WD-40, Zebra Midges and red Micro Mayflies. Even #14-16 Pheasant Tail Nymphs are working great! Suspending these nymphs under an indicator and drifting them in the slow current gets the hook-ups! Bring a pontoon boat or float tube. Enjoy!

The Fly Shop's  Tips:
Fish midges all day! Look for occasional hatches of BWO's and PMD's that produce surface feeding and dry fly opportunities. Stripping and retrieving Leeches on intermediate sinking lines is a great tactic as is suspending #22 black Zebra Midges or Mercer's Gidget under a small indicator. Try a black A.P. on a slow retrieve. There are a lot of scuds in Baum Lake, making various scud patterns an obvious choice.

Baum Lake is an ideal fishing destination for pontoon boats, float tubes and small prams.

Fishing an Intermediate sinking line with a small PT nymph can produce a bent fly rod. The key is SLOW strips! Nothing in Baum Lake is moving fast. Use lighter, longer leaders. Delicate dry-fly presentations will produce more strikes.

Road Conditions:
Call 1-800.427.7623 for up to date Northern California Road Conditions. Here's a link to Cal-Trans Road Conditions: Click Here.

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• Adams - #18-20
• Almost Dun BWO
• Harrop's Last Chance Baetis
• Tilt Wing Dun - Mahogany #18
• Griffith's Gnat
• Mercer's Missing Link - #14-18
• Light Cahill - #18

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• Red Copper John - #14-18
• Ultra Scuds
• Sparkle Scud
• BH Half-Flashback PT - #14-20
• Black A.P. #14-16
• Beaded Zebra Midge - #18-20
• Mercer's Gidget
• WD-40
• Micro Mays - Red #16-18
• Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph #18
• Zebra Midge - #16-20
• Chromie - #18

• Jay Fair's Wiggle Tails - #10
• Beaded Micro Buggers - #12
• Zack's Swimming Leech Black or Olive
• Zack's Damseleech - #14
• Double Bunny - #2

Fly Fishing Gear:
• Outcast  Fish Cat 9-IR
• Scott  G2 Series Fly Rod 4-5 wt
• Sun Day Afternoons Hat

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