The water temps on the East Walker are getting up there, no sense fishing if the temps are over 70

Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

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Flows on the East Walker are 90 CFS. They have gone up from 76 CFS over the past week. The water temps on the East Walker are getting up there. Warm weather and water temps are making it necessary to fish the East Walker from early in the morning up until around 11:00am. Bridgeport Reservoir is getting really low and is going to play a big role in higher than normal water temperatures this summer. Take a thermometer with you and get off the water if the temps reach 70 degrees.

The fishing is actually pretty good considering the extreme weather. Some cloudy afternoons over the past few days have helped for sure. On the California side there have been some Midges and some Caddis hatching. 90 CFS is a great flow for Dry Dropper rigs. Big Stoneflies or Hoppers with a Zebra Midge or a Caddis Pupa is a great way to approach the water right now. There are not as many bugs on the Nevada side but there are still some fish looking up for attractor dries as well. Look for fish to be hanging out in the deeper runs, at the head of pools and in seams near faster water.


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