Depending on the time of day fishing can be great at Hot Creek

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: The water is super clear and the flows at 9cfs as of 7/17.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fishing conditions at Hot Creek depend on the time of day, it can be great! Evening dry fly fishing is excellent! Fish will take almost anything right before dark.

If you do nymph, make sure the rigs are very short cause of the weeds and low flow. set on everything!

Recommended Flies:

parachute adams, sierra brite dot, chernobyl, foam hopper, streamside hopper, elk hair caddis, trico dries, extended body bwo, cdc baetis dun, royal wulff, humpy, yellow sally, parachute caddis, parachute ant

NYMPHS: rubber leg copper johns, #20 Beck's suface emerger, #20 Hogan's S&M emerger, #20 epoxy wingcase bwo, #18 mighty may sloan, #20 Harroup's surface emerger, superflash pheasant tail, #20 Barr's trico emerger, split case bwo, bh drifting littel weedy, Nori's caddis pupa, cdc caddis emerger, Brook's hot creek caddis, wd40, variety of midges, tungsten psycho, prince nymphs, black beauty, buckskin, Rubber leg copper johns

STREAMERS: ...weeds are high & water is to low to pull streamers

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