Fishing is hang'n in there for the higher elevation lakes

Tom Loe

Report Date:

Conditions are very good on most of the drive/hike too upper elevation lakes that are not used for water and power, although there are a few that are very low and dropping fast. Tubing is the best way to cover these fisheries and I suggest you have a full sinking or heavy sinking tip line to get your #10-14 streamer patterns down 15 feet along the drop-offs, near inlets/outlets, and structure like tree stumps and weed lines. There are a number of quality high country lakes that hold some nice fish, and require some leg work to get to. Kirman, McCloud, Parker, & Hilton are all accessible for a day hike and have very good fly fishing. You can obtain trail maps from the NFS ranger stations.

Pictured: Devon Preston with what I am saying is the fish of the year so far. Nice Goldy buddy!

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