The East Walker is fishing well, the flows are around 69 cfs

Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

Report Date:

The East Walker has been fishing really well. Flows have come down a bit with the cooling weather to around 69 CFS. We will have to see how the river handles a little lower flow this week with the warm water conditions. It is extremely important to fish the East Walker early and quit fishing when the water gets to 70 degrees. This is usually around 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Get there early and you can still get 5 hours or so on the water. On the California side smaller bugs like Tricos, Midges and Caddis have been working well fished a few different ways. You can fish a couple of flies under an indicator, do some "High Sticking" or Dry Dropper. Hoppers are out in force so a realistic hopper pattern is a great way to go right now. On the Nevada side fish are really looking up for attractor dries. This is a great time to bring two rods (or two anglers) and run through a spot with a big attractor dry like a Turk's Tarantula or a Burk's Hopper and then come back through with a nymph rig of some sort.


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