Fly fishing at Crowley Lake has slowed, the fish are moving around & there is no consistent pattern

Crowley Lake Fish Camp

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The fly fishing has slowed down a bit, we are still getting fish in McGee Bay, but they seem to be moving around quite a bit. One day we get them in tight to the weeds, and the next day they are out in the deeper water. One day they bite right off the bat, and the next they sleep in till 8:00 or 9:00. There have been no real patterns at all.

There are still lots of small browns, and medium size cutts and 'bows out there. We are usually getting 2 or 3 really nice big fish each day.

The fish are hitting a variety of midges, Copper Tigers, Copper Zebras, Shafts, Super Flies, Shaft Emergers, Super Fly Emergers, and Albino Barons.

When the fishing is kind of slow, keep those flies 5 or 6 inches from the bottom. When they are really biting, you can move them up to 12 inches from the bottom.

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