The Owyhee is still at a good flow (137 cfs) and the water is clearer than it has ever been.

Idaho Angler

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Some people are even resorting to using 6-7X for their smaller dry flies, but it is difficult to land many of the bigger fish on these lighter tippets. The fishing has been best in the early morning and the later part of the afternoon, into the evening. There is a very small baetis around in the morning. Yeah, the size you can barely see, but if you have patterns that are small enough, you might try them. It is hopper time, so be prepared with a variety of sizes and patterns, and if the fishing gets slow prospect with a hopper dropper set up. The evening caddis hatch has been o.k., but it seems to be best in the areas where the fire did not scorch the banks. Don't be afraid to cut back your tippet and try damselfly nymphs in the back eddies and slower sections and be on your toes for an aggressive take. Please continue to tread lightly in the areas that have been effected by the fire.

Recommended Flies: #20/22 Gray CDC Quill Midge, #18/20 Last Chance CDC BWO Cripple, #16/18 Graphic Caddis Emerger, #16/18 Bubble Back Caddis, #16/18 Olive & Tan CDC Henry's Fork Caddis, #16/18 Crystal Ant, #18/20 Tungsten Micro-Mayfly Nymph, #20 B.H. Olive Gilled Nymph, #10 Parachute Hopper, #8 Big Secret Hopper, #8/10 Dave's Hopper, #8 Woolly Bugger, #12 Tan, Brown, and Olive Damselfly Nymphs


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