Lower Provo Fish Report

Trout Bum2

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Water Level / Flow: CUWCD: Lower Provo River Flows
Fishing Pressure: Light
Fishing: Good to fair
Hatches: Midges
Best Techniques: Nymphs shallow and deep
Best Times: 9-5
Best Water Types to fish: Deep slow water, drops offs.

Forecast for the next few weeks: Sows, and Midges for the next month and beyond.

Comments: fishing pressure is down on the lower good bet for place with less anglers

Top producing fly patterns on the Lower Provo River have been: Agee natural sow, ray charles, Sow bug hare dark
Dry Flies: CDC spent wing midge, CDC Midge,Adult CDC midge
Nymphs: Sow bug hare dark, Rainbow sow,
Streamers: Small buggers (black and olive), Gold Bugger

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