The Callibaetis Work Well at Baum Lake

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Report Date:

Report: The lake looks good! The Callibaetis are coming off consistently. Also, keep your eyes peeled for damsel flies and dragon flies, for their activity should be full swing! Griffith's Gnats, Parachute Adams, Deer Hair Damselfly, or Balance Leeches are good choices. Always have an assortment of Zebra Midges, Woolly Buggers and Pheasant Tails, for they will always get the job done up on Baum.

Hot Flies:  
Dry Flies:
Adams - #18-20, Hackle Winged May - BWO, Harrop's Last Chance - All, Griffith's GnatMercer's Missing Link - #14-18, Light Cahill - #18 

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Red Copper John - #18, Ultra ScudsGB Flashback PT - #14-20, Black A.P. - #14-16, Beaded Zebra Midge - #18-20, Mercer's GidgetMercer's CB Micro Mays - Ruby Red #16-18, GB Flashback PT - Olive #18, Beaded Zebra Midge - #16-20, Chromie - #18 

Steamers & Leeches:
JGF Translucent Wiggle Tail - #10, Beaded Micro Buggers - #12, Zack's Damseleech - #14


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