Lake McCumber Is A Little Tough Right Now.

The Fly Shop

Report Date:

Report: It sounds like the aquatic vegetation has grown thick, and fish are harder to get to. If you do head up, make sure you find more open water, and stick to the basic patterns; woolly buggers, balance leeches, and pheasant tails. 

The fish are not really big. Comprised of planted rainbows, some brown trout. 

Lake McCumber is surrounded with tall conifers, enveloped in clean crisp air and watched over by soaring eagles with sharp talons. A medium sized impoundment, the lake is considered "just right" for tubers, prams and Goldilocks.

Access To Lake McCumber 
This lake is just east of Shingletown north of Highway 44. Take Ritts Mill Rd and follow the signs to the public access. This little reservoir is best fished using a float tube or small pram. If you'd like the details, please stop by the shop on your way up and we can help with directions.

Fishing Still Waters Can be Intimidating
At first. Knowing where and when to go as well as what setups and presentations will work at any new location can be difficult to figure out. For many, this is part of what makes fishing new locations a lot of fun. For those who would like to get ahead of the learning curve, we have a professional guide staff that excels on still waters and push you over the hump.

Recommended Equipment & Setups
Getting around on a lake or small pond in one of the Outcast Fish Cat 4-LCS really puts you in touch with the environment and is small enough that you can put one in the trunk of a small vehicle so you'll never have an excuse for not going. For the Cadillac experience and a craft nimble and large enough for small rivers, the Outcast Fish Cat 9-IR pontoon will get you just about anywhere you would ever want to go in style.
Of course, you won't be out on the lake just for a thigh or upper back workout. To begin with, The Fly Shop's Signature H2O Fly Rod/Reel/Line Outfit is one of the best deals on the west coast. The 6 wt. with a weight forward, floating line will tackle most situations you will encounter on the still waters up here in and around Redding whether you are throwing dries to rising fish, suspending midges or a Balanced Leech under an indicator or stripping a Damsel Leech. An additional Fly Shop L2A Reel with an Intermediate Sinking fly line will have you covered when you want to fish deeper on those blue bird days.

Hot Flies:  
Dry Flies:
Parachute Adams - #16-18, Galloup's Cripple CallibaetisQuigley's Cripple - Callibaetis 

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Hula Damsel - #16, Zack Attack DamselSkip NymphMercer's Midgeling - #18, Burk's Sierra DamselZack's ZallibaetisHogan's S&M - Brown #16-18, GB Half-Flashback PT - #16-20 

Streamers & Leeches:
Freshwater Clouser - Olive/White #6, Zonkers - #4, Beadhead Mini Leech - Any, Beaded Micro Buggers - Any


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