Some Great Midge Hatches

Tom Loe

Report Date:

Some great midge hatches have been coming off in the last week.  You will locate good concentrations of big fish in specific locations during this time.  Use your sonar to find the cool water combined with a solid mud bottom for consistent action.  The weed lines have also been good areas to target, as many fish of all sizes are feeding on the perch fry, callibaetis, and occasional damselfly nymphs.  It has been quite the late season for callibaetis mayflies this season.  Mixing up your fly patterns can help to narrow down what the fish are feeding on.  Best areas have been the north arm, Leighton Springs, Alligator Point, McGee Bay and Crooked Creek. #16-18 Copper Tiger Midge, #18 Zebra Midge, #16 Parallel Assassin Dark, #16 Parallel Assassin Light, #16 Parallel Punk Perch Dark, #18 Gillie Light

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