Summer Has Finally Come!

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Summer has finally come! Warmer temperatures at the lake are going to start to force fish below the thermocline as it begins to form. Surface temps this morning were 65 degrees and spiking to 70 by evening. Fishing early morning until the water reaches 68 degrees is preferred for fish health.

Fish are active in the morning, tapering off until about noon when the fish escape into deeper water. Fishing from a float tube or boat is still going to be the best method as fish are starting to hold in deeper and deeper water. The LCT have been holding in 40 feet of water and are suspending in about 20-35 feet. Be careful not to fight fish too quickly from depth as this can be dangerous for trout as their air bladder will expand trapping them near the surface after release where they are vulnerable to bird. Balanced leeches and balanced baitfish suspended under an indicator or jigged under your shooting head is still very effective in the early part of the day.

Pyramid Lake Flies We Suggest: Balanced Leech (peacock,diablo,olive), Cat Whisker Booby, Dirty Martini Booby, Spanish Olive Booby Midnight Cowboy, Pyramid Lake

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