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East Lake is ok. I had a customer who fishes there a lot tell me yesterday he rose a lot of fish on the East shore with small Chubbies and Beetles. When I was there on Friday we did our best also on beetles. Got some on foam ants and one on a hopper too. It’s certainly terrestrial time. Damsels action along the shore line is good. If you boat, (I need to take my own advice), bring the boat to shore and get out and wade the edges so you can strip the nymphs in the natural direction migrating damsels are headed. They come up on shore to emerge, so boaters stripping nymphs from the shoreline going out is an immediate disadvantage.

I’d say we are definitely in-between the early summer and late summer Callibaetis hatches (broods). I’d guess that 2nd brood will be coming on strong in a couple of weeks as the early summer hatch was late this season. I can’t wait. I was looking back at old photos and see that mid August to mid September has often been incredible for Callibaetis fishing at East. 

This time of year a really small zebra midge in either olive or red is pretty great under an indicator out in about 16 to 18 feet of water over the mud or light weed bed. Other chironomids may be great too, and it can change daily as to size and color. But I always try the little stuff in mid summer. As we move to to August, Red #14 on the bottom is tops based on my notes and memory. Will August 2020 be the same?

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