Steelhead are coming in better than we’ve seen in a few years!

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The Warm Springs to Trout Creek drift on the Lower Deschutes is good. Fish are beginning to inhabit and stay in the eddies for the duration of the day. they sip on spent caddis and mayflies and hatches of PMD, BWO, Caddis and Midges. Stonefly nymphs are working well again. This is normal after the May hatch to have a lull on the stone action. My guess for this is all the biggest and mature nymphs had migrated out, leaving just immature nymphs right after the hatch. Then, summer conditions create good growth for the nymphs that are on year 2 or 3 cycle.

Besides stonefly nymphs, Caddis Pupa and Larval patterns and Mayflies nymphs are important. Zebra Midges, occasionally San Juan Worms, Crayfish Jig and Sculpins are productive.

Steelhead are coming in better than we’ve seen in a few years! Most of the fish are below Mack’s. One of the great young guys that works in the shop during the summer went down and landed one 2 days ago near the mouth. They hooked 8 but most were so hot they couldn’t corral them. Gavin got his on a skater which is even more cool.

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