Chironomids Have Been Strong Options

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Steve had one good day and 2 slow days on East Lake this week. He reported that on all days that a damsel nymph on an intermediate line, stripped quickly resulted in good fishing. 

The Callibaetis hatch is slow now. The 2nd brood of callibaetis should happen soon. Many years that I’ve guided there, looking back at notes, Mid August to Mid September can be awesome to hit the late hatch. 2 other things, if you tie flies a size 17 (Tiemco 102Y) Comparadun with a Gray Poly Wing and Callibaetis color Natures Spirit dubbing is one of my fav’s, but for a fly we sell I’ve had a ton of success with Olive Haze #16 & 18 (!) for the 2nd brood match. Be ready for it as it should happen soon. 
Yesterday morning it was 39 in Sisters when I woke up at 7 AM and I looked at the Weather Channel site for East Lake and it was 30 degrees at East Lake. Hallelujah to that. Water temps in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s had me off the lake looking at better options. I look forward to being back soon. 

Chironomids have been strong options for many reasons. August is an incredible Chironomid hatch month at EL, and I have found August to be a month of picking up good fish on a regular basis using a Red Blood Worm. 
I like to get out in 16 to 19 feet of water and fish the blood worm on the bottom and run a pupa (or 2) on the leader up from the larval pattern. I like a Chromie a lot, but some days Black, somedays little Olive Ice Cream Cones and some days Red Ice Cream Cones smack em. 

I am concerned with the extreme over abundance of Tui Chub in the lake. These little bastards are out competing the trout for nymphs there is no doubt. We need ODFW to renew their mitigation actions to eliminate Tui Chubs from East Lake.


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