Looking Amazing for The Foreseeable Future

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On the Metolius things are looking amazing for the foreseeable future. In fact, I’d say the next 6 to 8 weeks are often the best weeks of the year as we see strong hatches and great bull trout fishing. 

For hatches you can expect to see the following:

Mayflies- Blue Wing Olive #18-22, Pale Morning Dun #16-18, Mahogany Dun #16, Flav’s #14, Fall Green Drakes #8-12

Caddis- Tan #16, Yellowish Tan #18-20, Olive #16-18, Grey #14-16
Stoneflies- Golden Stones #10-12, Salmonfly #6-8, Willowfly #4-6, Little Olive Stones #16-20, Yellow Sally #16-18 and there will always be some midges and terrestrials in play!

I love it. It can be frustrating when there are 3 or 4 things hatching all at the same time and we have to figure out what the fish is eating, and at what stage. Days they are totally keyed to ONE thing is sometimes harder with all the distractions of all the other hatches. But one thing that you’ll find is it depends on the time of day and the section of river that will determine the choice of fly. 

Fire situation continues to be positive down on the river, in Camp Sherman and around the camp sites.


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