Flows Areat 39 CFS

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:


Flow Rates And Water Condition:

Flows are at 39 cfs as of 7/15. The river is back down with no real chance of substantial rain in the future.

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Fair-Good

Sorry but it's that time of the year that fishing conditions are going to get a lot tougher. Lowering flows and heavy pressure mean it's time to start hiking. With the flows back down and the temperatures high the fishing is better mornings and evenings.  First thing in the morning it's midges and caddis size #18-24. Around 10 some PMD's #16-18 start emerging sporadically. All afternoon there are off and on hatches including Little Yellow Sallies plus terrestrials are starting to work well. The big caddis and big mayflies #12-18 are fading with the smaller versions becoming predominant. Mornings until midafternoon nymphing is best after that the dry fly action picks up.

Recommended Flies

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis #12-18 | Para Caddis #14-20 | Sparkle Flag PMD #16-18 | Lawsons Thorax PMD #16-18 | CDC Flavilenea Dun #12-16 | Tan Stimulators #14-18

Nymphs: B/H Flash Back Pheasant Tail #14-18 | Tungsten Black Beauty #20-22 | Nori's Caddis #18-22 | B/H Prince #10-20 |Hogan's S and M Nymph #18-22 | Mercers Micro Stones #14-16

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