Upper Owens River Report

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:


Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions: Good

Flows are  59 cfs as of  7/15

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair-Good

Fishing has been inconsistent, and the pressure is increasing. Plenty of Tricos, 6-8 for the female emergence and 9-10 for the spinner fall. Also, early midges and some bigger caddis with a mixture of small (BWO) and larger mayflies (PMD's) are still hanging in there. Hoppers are out, nothing like the last couple of years but still fun. Craneflies are covering mid-morning, try a chamois caddis #14-18 sub surface. With the resident fish being schizophrenic, one day eating attractor nymphs and the next day they're into the mayflies and midges, so we suggest trailing a midge (#18-24) or mayfly (#16-22) behind an attractor nymph. That 1/2 moth 1/2 caddis white insect you see zig zagging close to the water is an aquatic moth. Not much is known about their life cycle, but you may have run across the larval form and not even known it. If you get hung up on the bottom and what you bring up looks like a small, ragged leaf, turn it over. If there's a line of organic matter down the middle that's the moth larva. With the temperatures getting warmer in Crowley and the algae growing the 12"-18" browns are starting to move up and should be throughout the river in the next couple of weeks. Once in the system they will staying until spawning late fall to early winter.

Recommended Flies

DRIES: Griffiths Gnat #20-24 | Parachute Extended Body BWO #18-22 | Elk Hair Caddis #20-22 | Para Caddis #16-22 | EC Caddis #16-20 | Baby Boy Hopper #14-16 | Hi-Vis PMD #16-18 | Spring Creek hopper Tan or Yellow #14-16

NYMPHS:  Zebra Midge #16-22 | Prince Nymph #12-16 | Copper John #14-16 |Tungsten Jig Baetis #18-20 | Black Beauty #22 | Beck's Sulpher Emerger #16-18 | Chamois Caddis #14-18 |  S&M Nymph #20-22 | Medalion Midge #20-24 |Bling Midge #22-24 | OCD Caddis #14-18 | Spring Creek Hopper Tan #14-16

STREAMERS: Shock Collar Leech #10 | Woolly Bugger White, Olive, or Brown #6-14 | Punk Perch light or dark #10-16

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