On the Metolius, hatches are good

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On the Metolius, hatches are good, and should be getting better as we move into August. All the years I have fished the Metolius, the hatches are always noticeably better in August then they were in July. Then the really good stuff comes in September, but we will save that story for another report. A teaser if you will…

What we are seeing now includes: PMD #16, BWO #20-22, Pink Lady #16, Ameletus #14-16, Tan Caddis #16-18, Olive Caddis #16-18, Black/Dark Gray Caddis #18-20, Yellow Sally #14-18, Golden Stones #8-10, a stray Salmonfly that can be locally important #4-8, Rusty Spinners #16-18, Olive Spinners #20

You will want to match all of this from bottom to top, including emergers and cripples for the mayflies and caddis.
Spinner falls are occurring at dusk.

I think even more lake run Bull Trout have arrived in the river. It is pretty cool to see so many.

If you have not taken up Euro Nymphing on the Metolius, you really should do it. It is a way to get some incredible drifts and takes you just can’t achieve with an indicator rig.


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