East lake is looking up

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East Lake is looking up, water temps are better and my feeling that by next week we may be in a way better position there. It is still easy to launch a drift boat, pram, pontoon or tube. Bigger boats are having trouble. Hot Springs is the best place for a bigger boat. Dual Axle trailered boats have less of a chance at any ramp. My 18 foot Hewes is about it for Hot Springs, and a no go at EL CG or Cinder Hill. SO….if you have a smaller boat, leave the Hot Springs for the bigger boats and share the space wisely.

There are a lot of Callibaetis on East now.

Beetles, Ants and Hoppers are good.

Damsels are good. Dry too.

Chironomids are good from 14 to 20 feet.

August is a time I’ve done really well at 18 to 20 feet under the indicator with the Rowley’s Blood Worm or one I tie that has an articulated tail.

I’m going to be watching East for some improving fishing and consider it often over the next month.


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