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We are excited to launch an interactive Pyramid Lake Beach Map on our website. This map is intended to help the new and experienced angler with information that is up-to-date on each of the named beaches out at Pyramid Lake. We had a ton of fun putting it together and had each of you in mind.

We hope you spend time moving around the map and all of the supporting pages that go with each beach. We intend this to be a living thing and will update as soon as we are aware of something that has changed.

This is where you might be able to help. If you see something that needs adjustment or some detail that would change someone's experience, please let us know. And if you want to submit pictures of any fish you caught a certain beach please email them to me. I will update the site.

Finally share with your friends. This will continue to grow and evolve and your input and enjoyment is what we had in mind when we started out.
-Reno Fly Shop Staff

Click here to explore the Pyramid Lake Beach Map

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