This warming trend should kick off the Green Drakes and PMDs

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The road into Ah-Di-Na is open now, but keep in mind that the section of road the FS fixed can become wet and boggy - use caution and bring an all wheel drive vehicle. Fishing in the section in and around Ash Camp continues to be very good. With the little shot of weather, just some showers in that area and then warming next week, the early season hatches should be underway in full force. Be prepared with your midges and Blue Wing Olives, Two Bit Hookers, Olive Hot Spots, and Zebra Midges. Another fly you will want to have on is a Rubberlegs, black or brown, size 6. For that large sarge hiding in the tailout, swing and strip a Sculpin. Green Drakes are definitely coming off on Hat Creek, we imagine they aren't far behind on the McCloud. This warming trend should kick off the Green Drakes and PMDs. Stay tuned!



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