More and more bass are looking up!

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More and more bass are looking up! You can begin to throw topwater patterns with confidence you will get some grabs on the surface. Fish back toward the shore for sure, but don't forget to chase the fish down if you see a shad ball boiling. The Float 'N Fly under an indicator is the go-to method for now. Any color pattern is working. If you would like to fish on the bottom, a good sinking line fished back towards the bank bouncing a crayfish pattern will work very well in the shallower dropoffs and banks. The Warpath Whammy Craw in olive or orange is a good pattern for this. Fish will eat Clousers as well, don't forget those. And we'll keep on you about going up into the tributaries where you can fish dry dropper setups with your favorite dropper, keep your eyes peeled and match the hatch.


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